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Many Manx surnames have an initial C-, K- or Q-. These letters are vestiges of the old prefix MAC ('Son of'), Thus: Mac Roibin became Crebbin - 'Son of Robin' cp English 'Robinson'; Mac Cellach became Kelly; and Mac Quyn became Quine.

  Surnames with Old Norse elements:
Current Name Mac + Old Norse Name
Carroon Mac Thorfinn
Casement Mac Asmundr
Christian Mac Kristinn
Corkill Mac Thorkill/Thorketill
Corlett Mac Thorliotr
Cormode Mac Thormódr
Cottier Mac Ottarr
Cowley Mac Olafr (Gaelic: Mac Amblaibh)
Crennell Mac Raghnall
Kewley Mac Joleifr (Gaelic: Eoile)
  Surnames of Gaelic origin:
Current Name Gaelic Equivalent Meaning


Mac Cathain 'son of a warrior'
Callister/Collister Mac Alister 'son of Alexander'
Camaish/Comish Mac Thomas 'son of Thomas'
Cannell Mac Dhomhnaill 'son of Donald'
Clucas Mac Luccus 'son of Lucas'
Cooil Mac Dubhghall 'son of Black Stranger'
Corkish Mac Mharcuis 'son of Mark'
Corteen Mac Mhairtin 'son of Martin'
Craine Mac Giolla Chiarain 'son of the servant of (St.) Ciaran'
Cubbon Mac Giobuin 'son of Gibbon'
Faragher Mac Fearchair 'son of the very dear one'
Fayle Mac Phail 'son of Paul'
Gawne Mac Gobhann 'son of the smith'
Kaighin Mac Eachunn 'son of horse lord'
Kelly Mac Cellach 'son of the descendent of war'
Kermode Mac Diarmaid 'son of Dermot (freeman)'
Kerruish Mac Fearghus 'son of Fergus'
Kewin Mac Eoin 'son of John'
Killip Mac Philip 'son of Philip'
Kinnish Mac Aonghus 'son of little saint, cp McNiven'
Leece Mac Giolla Iosa son of the servant of Jesus
Mylcharaine Mac Giolla Chiarain 'son of the servant of (St) Ciaran'
Mylchreest Mac Giolla Chreest 'son of the servant of Christ'
Qualtrough Mac Walter 'son of Walter'
Quayle Mac Phail 'son of Paul'
Quilliam Mac Uilleam 'son of William'
Taggart Mac an t-sagairt 'son of the priest'


Mac an t-saoir 'son of the wright'