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aah 'ford': example - Ballanea - 'ford farm'
aittin 'gorse, furze' : example - Marashen, Marathon from Magher Aittin - 'gorse field'
awin 'river': example - Cass-ny-Hawin - 'foot of the river' Ballahowin - 'river farm'
baarney 'gap': example - Baarney Jiarg - 'red gap'
balley 'farm, place' etc: example - Ballamooar - 'big farm'
bayr 'road': example - Barregarrow - 'rough road' Bayr-ny-Hayrey - 'Ayre Road'
beinn, bing 'peak, summit': example - Lhiattee ny Beinee - 'side of the peaks'
boayl 'place, spot' : example - Ballnygeay - 'place of the wind
braaid 'gullet, breast of a hill': example - Braaid (Marown)
broogh 'brink, brow, bank' etc. (genitive singular Brooie): example - Ballabrooie - 'farm of the brink'
bwoaillee 'sheep-fold'; 'field': example - Bwoailleecowle - 'Cowle's fold' (German)
cabbyl 'horse' - often applied to coastal rocks: example - Cabbyl veg -'Little horse' (Patrick)
carn 'heap of stones; cairn' (Diminutive form carnane 'little cairn'): example - Carnanes (Rushen)
carrick 'rock': example - carrick (Sulby), Bay ny Carricke - 'Bay of the Rock'
cashtal 'castle' etc.: example - Cashtal yn ard - 'Castle of the Height'
claddagh 'bank of river': example - Sulby Claddagh
clagh 'stone': example - Clagh Bane - 'White Stone'
coan 'hollow, small valley': example - Bailcoyne - 'Farm of the Hollow' Coanrhenney - 'Hollow of the ferns'
conney 'gorse, fuel': example - Cronk Gunney - 'Gorse Hill'
creg 'rock': example - Creg Willey's Hill -'Willy Syl(vester's) rock' Creg Malin - 'Eyebrow rock'
cronk 'hill' (originally Knock): example - Cronk ny Arrey Laa - 'Hill of the daywatch' (plural chrink) Ballachrink - 'hills farm'
curragh 'marsh; carr': example - Curragh Glass - 'green curraghs'(genitive Curree): example - Ballachurry - 'marsh farm'
doarlish 'gap': example - Doarlish Ard - 'high gap'
dreeym 'back, ridge' (genitive Drommey) Baldromma - 'ridge farm' Dreeym Lang - 'long ridge'
drine 'thorn, blackthorn': example - Baldrine - 'Place/Farm of the thorn (trees)'
droghad 'bridge': example - Droghadfayle - 'Fayle's bridge'
eary 'shieling; upland farm': example - Eary Kelly - 'Kelly's shieling'
freoagh 'heather': example - Knockfroy - ' Heather hill'
glion, also lion and genitive glionney 'glen farm': example - Ballalonna (Michael); Ballaglionney (Santon)
gob 'point, small headland': example - Gob ny Rona - 'point of the seal' Gob y Skeddan - 'herring point'
keeill 'church, chapel': example - Ballakilley - 'Church farm' Ballakilmartin - 'Farm of Martin's church'
kerroo 'quarterland': example - Kerrowmoar - 'big quarterland' Kerrowkneale - 'Kneale's quarterland'
kione 'head, headland, end': example - Kionlough - 'lake end' Kione ny H'eaynin - 'Headland of the Precipice'
lag, and diminutive lagan 'hollow': example - Laggan Agneash - 'Agneash hollow' Lag ny Keeilley - 'hollow of the church/cell
lhiargagh, lhiargee 'hill slope': example - lhergyvreck - 'speckled hill slope
lough 'lake': example - Loughdhoo - 'dark lake'; Glenlough - 'lake glen'
magher 'field': example - Magher y Clagh - 'field of the (standing) stone' Magher Breck - 'speckled field'
moanee 'turf, turbary': example - Moaney Mooar - 'big turbary'
mwyllin/wyllin/mullen 'mill' : example - Glen Willin - 'mill glen' Mullinaragher - 'Faragher's mill'
pairk 'pasture field': example - Park ny Earken - 'enclosure of the lapwings'
purt 'harbour': example - Purt-ny-Hinshey - 'harbour of the island' Port-e-Vullen - 'harbour of the mill'
raad 'road': example - Raad ny Foillan - 'gull road'
reeast 'wasteland': example - Reeast mooar - 'big wasteland' (Ramsey)
rheynn 'division, ridge': example - Rhendhoo - 'black ridge/division' Renscault - 'divided ridge'
sallagh 'willow: example - Ballasalla - 'willow place Cooil Shellagh - willow nook' (Michael)
sharragh 'foal, inland rock': example - Sharragh Bane - 'white foal/rock'
slieau 'mountain: example - Slieau Dhoo - 'black mountain' Folieu - 'below the mountain'
strooan 'stream, burn': example - Strooan Barrule - Barrule stream' Cass strooan - 'burnfoot'
thalloo 'land': example - Thalloo Queen - 'Quine's land'
traaie 'shore' Traaie Vane - 'white beach Traaie Coon - 'narrow shore'


beg/veg 'little'
mooar/vooar 'large'
bane/vane 'white'
doo/dhoo 'dark'
buiee/buigh/bwee/vuigh/vuiee 'yellow'
jiarg 'red'
ruy 'red'
glass 'green or blue'
close 'enclosure'


aa 'river': example - Cornaa - 'mill river' Ramsey (Manx Rhumsaa) - 'wild garlic river'
ayre 'gravel beach, bank' : example - The Ayres (Bride) Lezayre - Lezayre
by 'farm': example - Jurby - 'animalfarm/settlement/deer farm, Elby - 'tail farm'
clett 'rock, cliff': example - The Cletts (Calf of Man) Scarlett - 'cormorant rock'
dal 'vale, glen': example - Dalby - 'dale farm'
fell 'mountain' : example - Snaefell - 'snow mountain' Sartfell - 'black mountain'
garey 'garden, enclosure' (not to be confused with garee - 'sourland')
giau 'inlet' Ghaw lang (Calf) - 'the long inlet or creek'
gnipa 'peak' Greeba
holm 'island' Holmtown (an old name of Peel) - 'island town' Holm Patrick (old name of St. Patrick's Isle)
howe 'hill': example - Bank's Howe (Onchan) The Howe (Port St. Mary)
kalfr 'small thing alongside a larger': example - Calf of Man
ness 'nose, protuberance' Langness - 'long nose'
wick/rick 'cove, bay': example - Saldrick - 'Salter's creek' Soderick - 'sunny creek'; Perwick - 'creek with harbour'
stadir 'farm': example - Braust, Leodest, Aust.