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From a collection by Edward Faragher (1831-1908) who was a farmer/fisherman of Cregneash and perhaps one of the most literate of the late Manx speakers.

Be shiu unnane jeh innagyn glen Yee dy vod yn gloyr echey soilshean ny chrooid
Be one of God's clean windows that his glory may shine through

Tra s'reeagh yn chloie, share faagail jeh
When the play is the merriest is the best time to leave off

Maynrey t'an ven poosee t'an ghrian soilshean urree
Happy is the bride the sun shines on

Yn dooinney ta cairagh rish Jee nee eh cairys rish dooinney
The man that is right with God will do right with man

Eshyn ta ginsh foiljyn sleih elley diu nee eh ginsh ny foiljyn euish dauseyn
He that tells you the faults of others will tell your faults to them

Ta gioot goit doubyl tra te currit lesh eddyn ghennal
A gift is double when it is given with a smiling countenance.

Ta ny s'aasagh dy gheddyn ayns boirey na dy gheddyn ass
It is easier to get in bother than to get out

Jean shiu laboraght as farkiaght ta traa creenagh yn arroo, agh cha jean eh traue ny magheryn
Labour and wait, time ripens the corn, but will not plough the fields

Cha vel dooinney ny noo liorish loaryt goan nooghyn
A man is not a saint for speaking saints' words

Ny jean shiu dy bragh partail roosyn ta shiu graihagh orroo fegooish focklyn graihag.
Never part with those you love without loving words

Tra ta arpyn ben troggal t'ee gaase rouyr
When a woman's apron rises, she is getting fat

Ta yn aigney hene eck dooinney agh ta y raad bene eck ben.
A man has his own will, but a woman has her own way

Yn beeal tutler poagey scrieu yn jouyl
A gossip's mouth is the devil's postbag

Adsyn ta cur rassynyn dv aigney mie nee ad buinn fouvr dy ghraih
They that sow seeds of kindness will reap harvests of love

Te ny s'doillee dy ghoaill toshiaght eck yn trass oor ny ec yn chied oor
It is harder to begin at the third hour than at the first hour

Ta dooiney creeney smooinaght ooilley ny te gra, agh t'an ommidan gra ocilley ny te smooinaght.
A wise man thinks all he says, but a fool says all he thinks.

Yn taitnys smoo ayns bea te jannoo shen tan sleih elley gra nagh vod mayd
The great(est) pleasure in life is (in) doing what people say you cannot do.

Cre erbee ny leighyn ía Manninee jannoo t'ad shicker dy ve arrysagh jeh.
Whatever laws the Manxmen make thay are sure to rue the same.

Oauyd aalid ben.
Modesty is the beauty of a woman.