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Mainly from Cregeen's Dictionary of the Manx Language' published in 1838.

Ta lane chvndaaghyn ayms carr y phoosee
There are many twists in the marriage tune

Shegin goaill ny heairkyn marishy cheh
You must take the horns with the hide

Cha dooar rieu drogh veaynee corran mie
A poor reaper never got a good sickle

Ta cree dooie ny share na kione croutagh
A kind heart is better than a crafty head

Cur meer da'n feeagh as big eh reesht.
Give a 'piece' to the raven and he will return

Ta keeay1 chionnit yn cheeayl share mannagh vel ee kionnit ro gheyr
Bought wisdom is the best wisdom/sense unless it is bought too dearly

Ta airh er cushagyn ays shen
There is gold on the ragwort ('cushags') there/yonder

Tash prughag as ee lughag
Hoard up miser and eat little mouse

Sharroo ny jeir ta tuittyn agh ny sherriu jeirnyn dyn tuittym
Bitter are the tears that fall but bitterer are the tears which do not fall

Laa feailly fliaghee as cagh buinn traagh
(Lit) A wet holiday and all mowing hay i.e. absolutely impossible

Lurg roayrt big contraie.
After the flood-tide will come the neap (-tide)

Ta'ni aghaue veg shuyr da'n aghaue mooar
The little hemlock is sister to the great hemlock i.e. A small evil is sister to a great one

Teh goll thie y gboayr dy birrey ollan
(Lit) He is going to the goat's house for wool i.e. He is wasting his time

Ta aile meely jannoo braib millisb
A gentle fire makes sweet malt

Daa ghrogh eeck t'ayn, eeck rolaue as dyn eeck edy.
There are two (methods of payment), payment beforehand and no payment at all

Yn oghe gyllagh toyn losht da'n aiee
The oven calling the kiln black

Millish dv ghoaill agh sharroo dy eeck
Sweet to take, but hitter to pay

Teh roud sheear ny roud shiar
(Lit) He is too far west or too far east i.e. An extremist