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A selection mainly from 'Christian Names from the Isle of Man' (W.E. Cubbon, 1923) and 'Manx Personal Names' (J. J. Kneen, 1937)

Male Christian names:

Aedan 'little fire'
Aleyn, Aland 'famed ruler'
Alister 'defending men' (Alexander)
Andreayas 'a man' (Andrew)
Austeyn 'venerable' (Augustine)
Bertram, Bertrem 'bright raven'
Brendan 'dark person'
Cairbrie 'virtuous love'
Colum 'a dove' (Columba)
Colyn 'a whelp'
Cristen 'belonging to Christ' (Christian)
Dermot, Diarmid 'God reverencing'
Dolyn, Dollin 'world ruler' (variation of Donald)
Doncan, Donachan 'brown warrior' (Duncan)
Doolish, Douglas 'place name'
Eamon 'happy peace'
Eoin, Ean, Ewan 'well born' (John)
Fergus 'great dear one'
Finbar 'wave crest'
Finlo, Fynlo 'fair Scandinavian'
Fynn 'fair'
Gavan, Gawain 'a smith'
Gilrea 'servant of the king'
Hugo, Hugh 'studious'
Illiam 'defending men' (William)
Juan, Yuan 'well born' (John)
Kerron, Kieran 'grey dark'
Laurys 'crowned with laurel' (Lawrence)
Marcus, Markys 'a hammer'
Martyn 'martial' - saint's name
Nele, Niall 'champion' (Neil)
Olaf, Olave 'of the gods'
Payl 'form of Paul'
Peddyr 'a rock' (Peter)
Robyn 'little Robert'
Ronan 'God ruler'
Sigurd 'Victorious one'
Female Christian names:
Aalid, Aelid 'beauty'
Aalin 'beautiful'
Aileen, Ei(l)een 'sunlight'
Ainle 'angel'
Alistreena 'feminine of Alister'
Blaa, Blae 'flower'
Breda, Breeshey 'shining' (Bridget)
Cara 'a songster'
Catreena, Catreeney 'pure' (Catherine)
Creena 'wise'
Cristeena 'of Christ'
Doona 'dark maiden'
Ealee, Ealish 'noble' (Alice)
Eunys 'joy'
Feena 'fair maiden'
Fenella, Fin(g)ola 'fair shoulder'
Grayse 'grace'
Lilee 'lily'
Iney, Ina 'a daughter'
Jonee, Joney, Jony 'grace'
Malane 'magnificent' (Madeleine, Magdelene)
Margaid 'a pearl' (Margaret)
Meave 'a fairy queen'
Moirrey, Voirrey 'bitter' (Mary)
Mona 'the Isle of Man'
Onnee 'grace' (Annie)
Onnor 'honourable'
Paaie 'Peggy'
Rein (a) 'a queen'
Roseen 'little rose'
Sheela 'form of Cecilia'
Ysbal, Isbel 'form of Isabel'