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Haydn Antrum at the 3/7 Picture House Strand Street Compton in 1935.
This had a 'Sunburst' surround.

The Picture House Compton Organ, often played by Haydn Antrum, is installed in a private cinema in Cannock, Staffordshire, which seats 52. It gets played three times a week during film shows with full programmes including Gaumont British News, Cartoons and the 'main feature'.
So it still is a Cinema Organ in the true sense!

Dr. George Tootell at the Regal 3c/6 and Melotone.
This had a 'Rainbow' surround. (this picture is very bright thanks to the console lights!)

The Regal Cinema was equipped with a Compton organ, slightly smaller and a couple of years later than the Picture House one but with a 'Melotone', a very early electric/electronic way of producing tones. It is now housed in a transport museum in Tarleton near Southport.

The Wurlitzer Organ puchased by the government in 1989 and soon to be installed in the new Villa - Gaiety Complex originally came from the Picture House Leicester and has no previous connection with the Island. The Wurlitzer was originally installed in a cinema, from the mid 50's to the 1990's at Dormston House in Sedgley part of the 'Black Country', Len Rawle and the American Theatre Organ Society are refurbishing it on the Island.

My thanks to Cameron Lloyd for the information and to Wayne Ivany for supplying the images