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The Revamped Market Hall, Douglas July 2000

View from the corner by the old sweet stall near the Inspectors office. In the opposite corner is where the butchers shop will go whilst on the left can be seen the new trellis effect of the cafe. An entrance has been re-created from the North Quay. The Central tables replace the old market stalls.
The full view of the Cafe from inside the hall and the entrance from Market Hill
Now looking from the opposite corner from above, the corner is now the kitchen and the superintendant's office has gone, the third entrance is on to James Street. Looking towards the James Street entrance we can see the new roller shutters fitted to the units. Above are the new lights and the overhead heating system, the labrynth of piping is the sprinkler system.

In general the stallholders have got what they have been fighting for for about 20 years, a cleaner, brighter, warmer Market.