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Looking up from the car park of the Palace Hotel (now the Stakis) we can see The Falcon Cliff Hotel, the venue of many a good nights entertainment. If you look closely amongst the trees you will see the wheelhouse of the old lift. The hotel has been recently refurbished and is now the offices of a firm of Accountants.
Welcome to the Palais de Dance
The Commercial Union Yacht was one of the entrants in the last BT Global Challenge. She was over here shortly after the race finished on a publicity visit because one of the crew members in the race was local businessman Bransom Bean (the Manx Yank)
Above the CU is heading North along the East Coast towards Douglas, the gateway to the Marine Drive can be clearly seen and at the early part of the century there used to be an electric train that ran from Douglas Head to Port Sodderick.

On the right she is passing through the tricky waters of the Calf Sound past Kitterland Island and heading for Peel on the West Coast of the Isle of Man. The Calf of Man is in the background which is now a bird sanctuary.