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Looking up Regent Street towards Drumgold Street we can see the new Marks and Spencer store in Marks and Spencer Street on the Isle of Marks. Not that this company has any influence in local politics but the new paved area was completed just in time for the store opening and was paid for by the Douglas 2000 scheme, don't ask who is on the committee.
Another view of the now completed section from the Picture house to the Maypole at one time I think that this building was also the Palais de Dance and on Gallery 8 there is an old advertising poster for the dance hall.
The Villa Marina is at last undergoing a refurbishment program. It was decided to start by renovating the dome and renewing the blocked out windows that were discovered during the inspection.
This used to be Hanover Street School and now houses The Off-ice of Fair Trading. Central Stone Co. recently restored the splendid off-red brickwork and, as you can see, made a very good job of it.