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This shot was taken through a wire mesh and through glass, so I apologise for the quality. It is a drawing of the new lift bridge being built over the harbour where the old swing bridge was.
An idyllic view, taken early in the morning, of the building site from the North Quay
Looking up the harbour at the building works you can see on the left the wheelhouse for the old swing bridge. The plan is to build a water tight cocoon in which will be built a hinged wall attached to the harbour wall and a midstream support pillar. When finished the cocoon will be transferred to the other side of the harbour where the procedure will be repeated. A fixed span will then be fitted from the South Quay to the central pillar and from the North Quay to the central pillar will be the lift bridge. The hinged walls underneath fold flat at high tide and swing upright at half tide to maintain the water level in the inner harbour.
Looking back from the bridge is the decimated area of Walpole Avenue, at the top is the rear view of Yates Wine Lodge, now being refurbished as offices. The Peveril and Yates' were often the only sights that many a day-tripper ever saw of the Isle of Man. Another well known drinking house in Walpole Avenue was the herb beer shop where a large sasperilla was the order of the day. The Royalty Cinema at the bottom right has been demolished to make way for more office space.