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Douglas Corporation celebrated it's Centenary in 1996 and as part of the celebration of this event they refurbished the Town Hall. This view is looking down the side of the Town Hall towards Barrack Street. The area is famous for places such as "Little Hell", "The Adelphi Hotel" and "Hanover Street School".
At the rear of the Town Hall was the old Fire Staion, seen on the left. Opposite was the "Albion" now the "Rovers Return" and at the bottom the "Wheatsheaf" now the "Corner House".
Down at the Sea Terminal these stantions are being built to support the new overhead covered walkway linking the Victoria Pier and the Edward Pier.
From the new tubespan we can look back at the Sea Terminal (The Crows Nest or The Lemon Squeezer) that now houses Government Departments of "Tourism" and "Highways Ports and Properties". Opposite used to be the Peveril Hotel but is now an office block called Peveril Buildings. Ah! the times they are a changin'.