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Continuing our journey, down Strand Street towards Victoria Street, on the right we come across Drumgold Street. My memories of this street are the chip shop at the top, Okell's Brewery on the left and the Dogs Home public house on the right.
The next road on the right is Wellington Street. The shop at the top of this street was a sweets and tobacconist run by Billy Corrin, famous for home made ginger beer. He had one arm and was often seen trading on the promenade with his three wheeled ice cream bike. On the left was the roller skating rink and Louis Tousaud's Waxworks.
Looking up Victoria Street from Duke Street, the building at the top is the new Midland Bank head office....
...whilst looking down towards the Promenade we see that the Villiers has disappeared and been replaced by a stone copy of the bridge of the new Ben-my-Chree. It is a pity that the planners didn't apply the same building code as Strand Street.