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Greensill's Corner used to site the Rendezvous Cafe, a popular meeting place and usually the first place that visitors went to after coming off the boat. Now it is just a sight that sites a mobile burger van.
The Villiers Hotel was demolished to make way for more office space. Phase one is now complete but phase two never followed and the owners were asked to tidy up the site so as the new town square could be seen from the promenade.
In an attempt to maintain the character of Strand Street the planners have, where possible, retained existing frontages or rebuilt in a similar architectural style. The new Strand Cinema now houses "Littlewoods"....

....and the "Picture House" is now a "Superdrug" store. In the background can be seen the metamorphosis of the "Maypole"

The Picture House and Regal Cinema both had theatre organs for more information click here