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This is the New Fort Anne office block, complete with, gym, jaccuzi and swimming pool. The designers have made an excellent job of reproducing the original frontage.
A quick trip over the bridge (the fairy bridge that is)(as in elves and little people) brings us to Castletown and the Castle Arms Hotel, a small pub that no-one has ever heard of until you mention the "Gluepot". This pub was saved from closure following a rigourous campaign by the citizens of our Capiltal City.
If you ever listen to the Moan-in-Line on Manx Radio and wondered what Marjory Joughin looked like, well here she is doing her bit on a charity stall on Tynwald Fayre Day.
Princess Dianna's death brought about this tribute from Douglas Corporation. The wreath was placed in the new gardens on the corner of Ridgeway Street and Lord Street. In the background is the Sally Army building and up the lane to the right is the "Albion", now known as the Rovers Return. The Rovers is owned by
Bushy's Brewery