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I went down to the Sea Terminal Area for a progress report on the various projects oin the go in the area. The lift bridge in it's lifted position is a sight that we wil have to get used to

The newly opened Elevated Passenger Walkway tubes the Edward Pier to the Victoria Pier. Passengers disembarking can stay undercover until they leave the sea terminal. Of course if it is raining and one wishes to use public transport, one will get rather drenched walking to the bus stop.

The new Fort Ann office blockhas been shown on another gallery page but this view is interesting because firstly, the Douglas Head Hotel is conspicuous by it's absence and secondly, that little group of buildings on the South Quay near the Gas Tanks, is a block of flats that have suddenly and quietly appeared.

Following on from the, slightly disturbing, quiet metamorphosis of the harbour area is the mystery of the missing house. When the Steam Racket wanted to demolish the area seen in the foreground it was discovered the building that used to be situated on the the red patch in the centre of this picture did not belong to them and it was left standing on its own for the last few years. Well now it has gone, did they find the owner and buy it, or did someone just knock it down and hope that no-one would notice?.