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The Blue Dragon Cafe brings back some nostalgic memories of Onchan Village in the days when the Clypse Course was in use. If you look closely, some interesting prices can be spotted on the board. One of the spectators is Reg Hines' brother. The rider could be Mick Woolett of Motor Cycle magazine fame. This picture is unique proof that Manx people have three legs, study the lady sitting down on the right.
This picture of the Crescent Pavilion on the Prom is a bit before my time, so if you have any happy memories drop me a line.
I remember queuing outside the Regal Cinema, in the days when films were classified U, A and X, and asking grownups to take me in with them to an A film (children must be accompanied by an adult).
Next door is Nobles Baths, twentyfive yards long and salt water, remember the woollen swimming costumes that could be hired and as soon as they were wet became three sizes too big?
This is quite a recent picture because I am on it. Around 1958/59 the event was the Eastern Schools Sports Day at the Bowl

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